Well they're not quite murder hornets, but they're killing people with their sense of humor in Maine. Some bald-faced hornets pieced together a nest as hornets do but this time they picked a location that's raising some eyebrows in the town of Brownfield.

Shared on Facebook by Susan Hays Whalen, the pictures speak a thousand words when it comes to the "enhancements" the hornets made to the Daniel Bean statue in Brownfield. The statue was erected to honor Daniel Bean, the first soldier to lose their life from Brownfield during the Civil War.The statue has stood firm in the town for more than a century.

Now it's likely that some locals will have to stiffen up with bravery and remove the hornet's nest from a sensitive area on the statue before it continues to swell in size. Bald-faced hornets don't mess around when it comes to nest building, according to pestco.com, they aim to make it big and they want to make it big quickly. In some cases, the only way to remove a massive bald-faced hornet's nest is with an explosion. Let's hope that isn't needed to relieve the situation.

So while it isn't Michaelangelo's David, it certainly is something. Hornet art. Yet another surprise delivered to us in the year 2020 that we most certainly were not expecting.

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