Goodan here,

This weekend we're kind of following Shelby and CJI around. We're broadcasting the Shelby-Cut Bank games on KSEN Friday and Conrad-Shelby on KSEN Saturday. On K96, we have the Sunburst-CJI games Friday and CJI-Simms Saturday. Find the NFL here Sunday, with the Green Bay-Chicago game at noon followed by the Jets-Pittsburgh game. The NFL Preview will run before the NFL games at 11:30 Sunday, and NFL Insider can be found at its normal time Saturday night at 11.

Hot in Cleveland was good again last night. I enjoy the snappy dialogue well delivered by the actors. I still think Valerie Bertinelli's character is a bit weak, but Wayne Knight was really good as an admittedly dweeby character. His line about shocking people with a beautiful woman on his arm reminded me how I felt when I got married. Did you stick around for the second show, Retired at 35? I stayed with that for about three minutes. Didn't like the characters (especially the whiny 'poor me' daughter) so much I couldn't wait to see if the story was going to be any good.

Remember "Bones" moves to Thursdays following American Idol. That and "Big Bang Theory" make Thursday a great night for TV, especially when Project Runway comes back!

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