Twilight‘-themed weddings? Done a hundred times. ‘Harry Potter‘-themed weddings? It’s passe. With several major franchises having come to a conclusion thanks to their big budget movie adaptations, themed-weddings are on the lookout for the “next big thing.” Enter ‘The Hunger Games,’ the best-selling book trilogy and soon to be blockbuster film.

While some fans of the books may have already had their ‘Hunger Games’-themed wedding, this wedding photo shoot, conceptualized by photographer Meghan Christine, gets major props from us for its authenticity and creativity. Fan alert: this shoot imagines what characters Katniss and Peeta’s wedding would look like if they got married.

Katniss and Peeta wedding card
Hunter Games flower bouquet

According to Kellie Ann Events + Weddings, who coordinated the shoot, attention to detail and adding “small touches” is what brought authenticity to the theme. The couple used simple, inexpensive crafts and things found in their own neighborhood, like fallen pine cones, to make a variety of props. Instead of a traditional flower bouquet, the pine cones were peeled and the individual pieces formed the “petals”which were glued together to make the rustic-looking flowers you see in the above photo. The groom, on the other hand, held a bouquet of custom-made arrows.

Wood-burned details were used to make the mockingjay symbol, now synonymous with the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise, as well as the “Happily Ever After” sign.

Hunter Games wedding cake
Hunter Games wedding decor

How cute, even the cupcakes have arrows in them. With the first film in the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise already receiving much praise, there’s surely going to be a surge in demand for anything ‘Hunger Games’-themed. Not to mention two more movie sequels to keep the wedding industry going.

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