I have often heard that one should choose a vocation he or she likes and that way it will never "be a job".  That's sums up my career in broadcasting. Being on the air is something I wanted to do even as a young kid and I've been fortunate enough to have followed my dream all my life. Every day in broadcasting is different, never boring, and full of excitement and surprises. Here it is Friday afternoon and we have our 29th annual KSEN/K 96 Radio Auction under our belts. It's been hectic and fun these past couple of days. I managed to take a quick break and glance at our broadcast calendar and I can't wait to get this season rolling.  Our famous golf program, The Golf Spot gets underway NEXT Thursday and The Old Fishing Hole starts another season the 5th of next month. I'm happy to say that again this year, I will be the executive producer of the Fishing Hole. If that's not enough, we have our Athlete Of The Year Banquet scheduled for May 11th at the Shelby Elks Club and it won't be long until we start hearing that infamous jingle for Conrad Whoop Up Days coming up in June. There will be all the parades, picnics,  fairs and festivities and before we know it, the high school football teams will be practicing. Spring and summer: I hope we all enjoy it along with all the things that come along with it. Me? I'm just happy to still be broadcasting. Thank you for listening.