BUT...I CAN attend "The Next 55!" My ol' Great Falls High School Class of 1964, is FIRED UP & ready to rock at our NEXT class reunion, "The Next 55!," scheduled for NEXT summer! They have a Reunion Planning Meeting set for NEXT Monday evening (11/12) down in Great Falls. The meeting will kick off at 6 o'clock SHARP downstairs at the Amigo Lounge, 1200 7th Street South.Our class really needs some help in finding our "missing" classmates. If you have any information about these friends, please contact Judy Deck at: judydeck@bresnan.net, and/or give Judy at call at 453 0856. If you're a 1964 class member, why not visit the new class page, 55th Tentative Plans (/55th-tentative-plans-new.html) to learn more. Even better, you're encouraged to attend NEXT Monday night's meeting at the Taco Treat Amigo on the main floor in the rear area. No worries finding "ME" however, I'm a STAR on the radio with 10,000 red HOT watts up here in Shelby.

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