Having served as the Executive Producer for KSEN/KZIN's "Old Fishing Hole" for a number of years, I still enjoy keeping up & staying "afloat" with our Golden Triangle area fishing. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reminds us it's that time of year again when ice anglers & other recreationists head for the Montana "hard" waters. SAFETY should be the #1 concern during a day out on (or near) the ice. If the ice is under 4 inches, STAY AWAY! At least 4 inches is good for ice fishing or other activities on foot. 7 inches is the minimum for a snowmobile or ATV. 10 inches is safe for a small car. If you're got a truck or SUV, you're going to need a good 12 inches for that. "ME?" I like to "test" the ice ahead with an old auger. Above all, be sure & take into account any & all changes in our Big Sky weather & ice conditions.

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