It's "BURGER NIGHT" tonight (Wednesday) down at Shelby's Coyote Club. Our Toole County Search & Rescue will be powering this evening's "Burger Night" from 5:30 until 8:30 at the Coyote. What a great & FUN way to come out & support a most worthy cause for our communities.. Hats off & a "Tip of R Towers" to Toole County Search & Rescue, we all appreciate you & what you do. "ME?" I submit that the Coyote Club's the "perfect place" for me to have a burger & a beer. Whenever I quaff an amber brew, I begin howling like a coyote! The Coyote Club's the right place for me to be...please cook by burger as rare as legally possible & DON'T toast the bun.

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