Even a Stanford degree didn't protect Nan S. Russell from being canned from her 1st professional job. Ultimately, a good career move, it forced her to learn the hard way how to thrive at work as she went from a minimum wage employee to Vice President of a multi-billion dollar company, spending 20 years in leadership roles. A few years ago, Nan left the corporate world to pursue a life-dream to work & write from the mountains of northwestern Montana. Today she is the author of 3 career books, a professional speaker, & workplace consultant. Her 3rd book, "The Titleless Leader: How to Get Things Done When You're Not in Charge" came out in May to spectacular reviews. Nan is almost a neighbor...she lives over the mountain in Kalispell & in 2006, she became President of MountainWorks Communications LLC, a company she founded to support her passion for helping organizations build winning work cultures, & bringing & helping people bring the best of who they are to the world, realize their dreams, & live their life's potential...I'm already doing that on the Puffman Show in the afternoons! I'm sure all of us have heard about the "47%"...check out "The Titleless Leader" book & find out about her 90% rule that she encourages people to use. I encourage you to visit her website:  to learn more about this fascinating woman & her work."The Titleless Leader" is available everywhere books are sold.

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