Tomorrow morning, Saturday, I'll be asking a NFL trivia question on Puffman's Sports Trivia. The WINNER will receive a beautiful presentation, thanks to Farcountry Press in Helena. The book is, "West to Montana," penned by Christine Wortman-Engren, & Saturday morning's WINNER receive an autographed copy of the book! On a homestead in the rugged Missouri River Breaks of Montana, the Wortmans carved a brittle existence out of the sagebrush & gumbo, enduring brutal weather, a harsh land & dark family tragedies. This sweeping saga follows generations as they moved west. "West to Montana," is a classic America epic, a celebration of family, self-sacrifice, grit & hard-won "optimism." Me? I'm optimistic I'll have a caller with the correct answer to my NFL sports trivia question as it promises to be a real stumper. See you at 7:30, Saturday morning for Puffman NFL Sports Trivia!

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