Yesterday on one of my Puffman Blogs, I blogged that I would be finishing the "Pioneer Doctor" book last evening (Tuesday) up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. Well...I almost did...there's 5 pages remaining for next week. It WAS a great book and I would encourage any of you to check it out. A great deal of Montana history in those pages. I found the ending somewhat sad but true. Basically, we are born, we live, and then we die". As in the Byrd's tune, "Turn, Turn, Turn", for everything there is a season. I guess I figured Dr. Mollie and these characters would live forever. Foolish thinking on my part. Either foolish or optimistic depending on how you look at it. Now that I have cheered up your day, I'll share the next book I'll be reading during Montana History up at the Heritage. It looks like a really good one. It's the story of Nancy Cooper Russell, Charlie's wife. This tome is entitled "Behind Every Man" and I'm looking forward to learning more about Charlie Russell and his life, especially his Great Falls adventures. I think we'll also get "the story behind the story" on Nancy and also if she really DID drive him to drink. Of course, Great Falls was relatively small at the time and I suppose he could have walked! See you next Tuesday evening at 6 for Montana History at the Marias Heritage Center.

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