An AWFUL childhood on the wild & wooly frontier...that's what it was all about, & that's the book I'll continue reading tonight (Tuesday) up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. The book is, "When Montana and I Were Young: A Frontier Childhood," & we'll pick up the true story of young Margaret (Peggy) Bell (1888-1982) during Montana History this evening. Poor Margaret was barely 7 years of age when her mom died, & her evil, lazy, rotten to the cord, good-for-nothing Hedge Wolfe, moved Margaret to the Canadian plains & a life of extreme poverty, hardship, & abuse. You think "YOU" have ain't seen nothin' yet. See you this evening at 6 to brighten up your day at the Marias Heritage Center for more doom, gloom, & good old Montana History! Stay warm.

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