13 year old Kelson Hickman down in Great falls caught himself a (get this!): a 37 & half inch, 14 pound Northern Pike earlier this month at Pishkun Reservoir. The lad was using a 6 weight St. Croix fly rod on 5X mono tippet with a fly he tied himself while in a float tube. The fish dragged the "Fearless" Kelson around the lake in his tube for an hour before he was able to get it to shore. What makes this catch even more special is that Kelson bought the fly rod himself with the money he earned as a Boy Scout selling Boy Scout popcorn, & the fly he caught the fish on was one he made himself. It gets even better!...At one point, the fish leaped completely out of the water & despite violating every single rule when it comes to playing a large fish on a fly rod, our hero was still able to land it! I'm Jerry Puffer, The Puffman, the Executive Director of our Old Fishing Hole inviting you to tune in tonight (Thursday) during our Action Packed 5 O'clock News Hours on KSEN/K 96 when all my fishing friends, Rovin' Don Groven, Dallas Denter, & Bob Kovatch join me with their reports from our area lakes & streams.