57 degrees is about the average temperature in a coal mine day & time year around. We'll be back in the infamous Bear Creek (Montana) coal mine this evening (Tuesday) during Montana History at the Marias Heritage Center. I'll be at the Heritage at 6 tonight to read more of the 1943 coal mine explosion in Bear Creek mine explosion that left 75 men dead. The book we're reading is, "Goodbye Wifes & Daughters," beautifully written by Susan Kushner Renick. My opinion? After reading the first chapter last Tuesday night, I feel this is going to be one of the BEST books we've read during all my years reading Montana History at the Heritage! Resnick has managed to uncover the story behind those lost lives. She has chronicled the missteps & questionable ethics of the mine's managers who blamed their disregard for safety on the exigencies of the second world war. Looking forward to reading & sharing MORE Montana History up at the Heritage tonight.

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