Morris & Sadie...they're the protagonists in the Gabby Gabby's latest "smiler". It's a knee slapper for sure & Peter Franklin AKA the Gabby Gabby will be joining me this afternoon (Thursday) at a quarter to 5. The driver of the yellow mobile conveyance lounge always has a unique "take" on what's going on in the world today & tells it like it is...or should I say...tells it as HE thinks it is! Visit Gabby's website at: Check out the "flattering" picture he has posted of the next President of the United States. She was his latest Celebrity Sighting in the Big Apple. No, no, not THAT the picture that's second to's the NEXT photo (the one with her husband) that's on his True Tales website! If you're going to New York any time soon, check in with Pete. He gives probably the BEST tours of the city. If you're not, kick back & enjoy the Gab Man with me this afternoon on Good-As-Gold KSEN. Call me a taxi!!