Both Cut Bank and Shelby schools are asking for approval for a levy this year and voters are headed to the polls today, May 3.

Cut Bank Schools are seeking an elementary levy for $101,184.16 and a high school levy for $27,589.88 to operate local schools in 2016-2017. The total estimated tax increases would be less than $10 on a $100,000 home and the district has not requested a levy since 2011, according to District Clerk Scott Laird. In addition, voters will be electing one trustee for the local board, choosing between incumbent Brett Kraft, who is completing his first three-year term and challenger, Gary Racine.

Shelby Schools are seeking a high school levy in the amount of $67,051, the estimated tax increase would be $6.97 on a $100,000 home.

The polls in both communities will be open between the hours of noon and 8pm.

We'll bring you results from the elections on our morning news, tune in to KSEN and KZIN tomorrow for all the latest.

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