During the final days of the Civil War, Dr. William Ward & his wife, Eliza Ward, envisioned a school for your women in Nashville that would evolve into 1 of the nation's most prestigious institutions. As the New South dawned, Ward Seminary opened its doors in September 1865. Merging with Belmont College for Young Women in 1913, Ward-Belmont operated as a college preparatory school, music conservatory, & junior college. In 1951, the high school division moved farther west, reopening as the Harpeth Hall School after Ward-Belmont's sudden closure. Ward Seminary, Belmont College, Ward-Belmont, & Harpeth Hall are simply separate chapters of 1 continuous story. As Harpeth Hall celebrates 150 years, its story reflects a unique case study & provides a lens through which to understand the evolution of all-girls education in the United States. Long story short...The Harpeth Hall School remains 1 of the OLDEST all-girls college preparatory schools in the South(!), & this afternoon (Monday), I'll be giving away the new hardcover book, "All-Girls Education from Ward Seminary to Harpeth Hall, 1865-2015." It's 1 beautiful presentation from Mary Ellen Pethel with the foreword by Martha Ingram from The History Press. Check out the book at: www.historypress.net, & then listen to WIN this afternoon at 4:35 on Puffman Musical Trivia. I've put together a musical trivia question on 1 of the all time legendary rock entertainers from the 60's. The man's still around & celebrating his 70th birthday today. See you this afternoon on Puffman Musical Trivia!