Have you ever dreamt of being a world-class chef? I have, and still do dream of hosting a Food Network star. Just whipping up strange creations in the kitchen using only wild game meat. I'll call it "Cooking with Chef KC at the Road Kill Cafe." Hmmm... It kind of has a good ring to it.

Social media influencer and world-class chef, Brandon Dearden, has chosen Hamilton, Montana as the location for his fabulous new restaurant called "Ember."


Now, he may not be Gordon Ramsay or Bobby Flay, but Brandon sure has quite the following on social media. With his TikTok page raking in millions of views and garnishing over 6.6 million "likes."

Brandon took to TikTok to share with the world a behind-the-scenes look at his new operation in Hamilton. Making the move from Silicon Valley to the Bitterroot Valley.  You can clearly see Brandon's passion and charisma in his video. Talking about how a move to Montana was the best idea he could have made. Especially as a chef who appreciates locally sourced ingredients and Montana's high-quality beef.

@chefauthorized ITS GAME TIME BABY!!! 💯💯#chefauthorized #montana #restaurant ♬ original sound - ChefAuthorized

I cannot wait to try his food. According to the "Ember" website, Chef Brandon prides himself on the sustainability, sourcing, experience, and elemental aspects of food. I mean the guy makes his own charcoal for crying out loud.

"Ember" is located at 131 Main Street in Downtown Hamilton. Now word yet on the Grand Opening, but you can sign up to receive notice when they do plan to open their doors. Simply sign up and learn more about Chef Brandon Dearden at embermontana.com.

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