What Foods Are Allowed In Montana But Banned In Other States

I know that most people in Montana want the government out of their business, but when it comes to food in America, thankfully we have some regulation.

If you don't believe that regulation is necessary, then I implore you to learn about the milk industry prior to regulation; just the Swill milk scandal should be enough to convince you.

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Why Regulation Of Food In Montana Is A Good Thing

Making sure that the food we put in our bodies is healthy and that it is actually being sold according to the label allows us to stay safe without having to research every product before purchase.

That said, there are some foods you'll see Montana allows on the shelves that other places have banned.

We aren't even talking about something as crazy as Casu Mazu. What's Casu Mazu, you say? Oh, only a cheese that contains live maggots.

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Thankfully These Items Are Allowed On Montana Shelves

I gotta say, I'm really thankful the following nine foods are allowed in Montana because they are some of my favorite snacks.

So the next time you're out shopping and put one of these items in your cart, be thankful we live in Montana.

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