Coin Collecting In Montana Could Be Worth Big Money

Maybe it's just me but I think we've all dreamed about striking it rich thanks to some long forgotten item that turns out to be extremely valuable.

Well lift up those couch cushions, clean out the cup holders in your car, empty all the piggy banks and pants pockets because you could be in possession of a quarter worth far more than it's face value.

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A bunch of vintage items on shelves in an antique store

What Makes These Quarters In Montana So Valuable?

These days people carry less cash and coins on them as most people have moved to only using debit or credit cards to make most of their purchases.

Due to less people using cash less of it is floating around out there meaning their is a scarcity to these coins, pushing the value up and up.

Coin collectors in Montana and all over America are hoping you don't know the worth of your quarters so they can get a great deal on a rare quarter at your expense.

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A coin collector looks at his coin through a magnifying glass

What Would You Buy If You Found One Of These Quarters?

Thankfully there are some honest people still out there who just want to inform people.

Social media is full of people detailing the coins and dollar bills that are desired by collectors and how much you should expect to be paid should you be in possession of one.

So stop day dreaming and start digging for loose change and see if you are the owner of a quarter that could reward you with a few thousand dollars. 👇

Yes, These Quarters Really Are Worth Thousands of Dollars

There's never been a better reason to sort your pocket change!

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