The Most Popular Montana Baby Name The Year You Were Born

Have you ever noticed that you can tell a person's age by their name? What I mean is that there is an overabundance of names that are all from the same time period.

For example, there are not a lot of 90-year-old Britney's running around, nor are there plenty of 5-year-olds with the name Agnes.

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How Common Is Your Name In Montana?

When it comes to naming your baby, there are lots of places to look. You can find inspiration from movies, TV, music, and books.

The Bible is also a big source of names in America, as are names that are family names passed down from one generation onto the next.

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How To See Popular Montana Baby Names From The Past

To be able to see what names were the most popular in years past, we looked to the Social Security Administration.

When a baby is born, they get a social security card number; thus, their name is entered into a database, and that is how we know the most popular name in Montana from each year all the way back to 1960.

I think you will be shocked at just how many years a certain boys name was popular, and how two different girls names traded the top spot for several years as well.

The Most Popular Baby Names In Montana The Year You Were Born

Here are the most popular boys and girls names in Montana each year from 1960 to 2022 according to the Social Security Administration card applications.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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When it comes to names, Montana has some great people, places, and things to name your baby after. We've got boys, girls and unisex names for you to choose from below!

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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