Besides Montana What State Do Montana Residents Love The Most?

It's really not any big secret that Montana residents are pretty proud of being from Montana.

People are so proud of being from the 406 they'll wear it on their clothes, put stickers on their car, even tattoo it on themselves.

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So while residents really love the Big Sky State, what if we all woke up tomorrow and were told Montana was no longer part of America, what state would we then consider as our second choice.

The question "what is each state’s favorite other state" was recently asked by a social media influencer named Matt Shirley.

His 329,000 followers answered and he compiled the data to give us a map of what state each state considers to be their other favorite state.

Before we reveal the state we in Montana love the most, let's first take a look at what which one Montana hates the most.

I don't think the answer will shock many of you.

That's right it's California, in fact the entire west coast hates California the most.

It did find it a bit funny that Alaskans hate Texas the most.

So now that we know that Montana residents hate California the most, what is the state that we love second only to our own.

Idaho Is Montana's Favorite Other State

This one did surprise me, as I haven't heard many people talk about Idaho in either a positive or negative way.

The other thing that surprised me was the only Wyoming had Montana as their favorite other state.

Do you love another state other that Idaho? Let us know with our app where you'd live if you couldn't live in Montana.

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