IRS Says Thousands Of Montana Taxpayers Could Face Jail Time

We all hate doing our taxes, am I right? We all want to keep as much of our money as possible.

That is why perhaps this year you were like thousands of others across Montana and America who tried some "tax hacks" that turned out to be "tax scams."

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A 1040 tax form with the word SCAM written in red on it

3 Major Tax Scams That Montanans May Have Fallen Victim To

Social Media is a tool that can do some great things, but it's also a tool that can do some major damage if you don't vet the content you're seeing.

This past tax season, there were plenty of "influencers" promising you more money back in your return.

The IRS has called these scams the "dirty dozen," and now thousands across America and Montana could be penalized.

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What To Do If You Feel You Feel For These Tax Scams?

The three scams that one could have fallen for are as follows:

Form 7202: This scam told filers to fill out Form 7202 to get sick leave or family leave. The only problem is that this was only available to those who were self-employed.

Fuel Tax Credit: Again, this is something that is real and legal, but sadly, most people don't qualify for it, as it's mostly for off-highway business and farming use.

Finally, the IRS has seen a huge uptick of made-up people used to get back money for "sick" or "medical leave," but has never paid these made-up people.

If you feel you were taken advantage of by these "tax hacks," there is a silver lining: you can file an amended return, make the corrections as needed, and hopefully avoid jail time.

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