Ten Montana schools have been recognized as as the winners of the 2023 - 2024 SMART Schools Challenge.

What is SMART?

SMART, which stands for "saving money and resources today," is a friendly competition among Montana K-12 schools organized by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality's Office.

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The competition highlights conservation, efficiency, and healthy schools across the Treasure State.

The 10 winners will receive a $2000 award to support their ongoing efforts.

“The SMART Schools Challenge is designed to bring topics affecting the health and economic future of Montanans into the classroom," said DEQ’s program manager Bonnie Rouse. "For the competition, schools could choose between project categories that include energy/resource efficiency, sustainable agricultural processes, wildfire smoke and radon effects on health, solid waste recycling, renewable energy production, and transportation electrification.”

Showcasing Projects

All of the participating schools highlighted their projects at the Smart School symposium, which took place last April at the state.

Some of the projects highlighted school gardens and greenhouses, expanding compost programs, developing climate initiatives, and mitigating water pollution.

The winners of this year's SMART Schools Challenge Awards are:

  • Arlee High School (Sustainable Agriculture)
  • Boulder Elementary School (Upcycling)
  • Butte High School (Upcycling)
  • Capital High School (Upcycling)
  • Clark Fork School (Sustainable Agriculture)
  • Cohagen School (Upcycling)
  • Central School (Renewable Energy)
  • Kalispell Elementary School (Living Classroom & Renewable Energy)
  • Kessler Elementary (Upcycling)
  • Red Lodge High School (Renewable Energy)

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