Road construction in Montana is so consistent that it could almost be categorized as its own season here in the Treasure State. I can remember growing up as a kid; there was nothing more frustrating than driving incredibly slow through a section of road construction, or worse yet, waiting in a long line for cars for a pilot car to arrive. 

Road Construction In Montana

We know all too well that road construction picks back up again as summer approaches. The other day, the Montana Department of Transportation put out a reminder that construction along I-15 around Wolf Creek, Montana, will pick up again. Although necessary, this is a less-than-ideal location for road construction. 

Interstate 15 Construction Map near Wolf Creek Montana
Montana Department of Transportation

What To Expect

The Montana Department of Transportation and Riverside Contracting, Inc. will begin work on the northbound lanes of Interstate 15. The construction will reduce traffic to one lane on both sides of the interstate. The crews anticipate occasional closures around Wolf Creek between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. There will also be a 12-foot width restriction in place for this area. For the latest information, check out

Planned improvements For 2024-25

  • Removing and replacing approximately two feet of degraded roadway material on the northbound I-15 lanes and resurfacing adjacent ramps, crossroads, and pullouts.
  • Upgrading concrete barrier rails, metal guardrails, and signage on the northbound lanes.
  • Adding roadside markers on the northbound lanes
  • Replacing right-of-way fencing and cattle guards as needed.
  • Adding new pavement markings.
  • Lining and repairing I-15 culverts.
  • Improving erosion control features.
  • Storm drain upgrades in Wolf Creek.
  • Updating curb ramps on Walsh Street, between Main Street and Recreation Road.

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