Montana has been all the rage lately, thanks to the popular TV show Yellowstone and a few classic movies, like Lonesome Dove. It seems everyone is looking for a way to make it to the Last Best Place, so the idea of retiring in the Treasure State probably sounds like a dream come true.

I mean, come on, the views are unbeatable, there's always something to do, and for the most part, it's pretty affordable. Sure, winters can be rough, but hey, aside from that, the weather's not too shabby.

Retiring In Montana

So, WalletHub did this recent study, right? They seem to think Montana's a retirement haven, but I'm not completely sold on the towns they're highlighting. They looked at 182 cities, including the big ones in the US and a couple from each state. They judged them on things like how cheap they are, what you can do there, and how good the healthcare is.

They had all these different factors they considered, and they gave each one a score out of 100. Then they added them all up to figure out the overall ranking. But get this, they only looked at the cities themselves, not the surrounding areas. They're assuming retirees are working with a fixed income, so lower living costs are a big plus.

In their list, Billings made it to 84th place out of 182. It's got great medical facilities, but the crime's crept up a bit. Missoula snagged the 22nd spot, but it's getting pricier by the day, from what I've heard. So there you have it; according to WalletHub, Billings, and Missoula are supposedly the best towns in Montana to retire in.

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