How To Be the Hot Dog Aficionado at Your Montana BBQ

It might have something to do with being an avid golfer, but I love hot dogs.  Always have.  I continue to enjoy them on the course, or at a backyard gathering of friends and family.


But are we doing the hot dog justice when we serve it up at those get-togethers?  Is the presentation appetizing, are the condiments correct?  What about how you cook up that hot dog?

So Many Questions About Hot Dogs to Be Answered

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council states that when it comes to the hot dog, Americans really, really love them.

  • Americans consume nearly 20 million hot dogs each year
  • 95% of American homes eat hot dogs
  • The average person consumes nearly 70 hot dogs per year
  • Memorial Day to Labor Day, over 7 billion hot dogs are consumed
  • Vendors make about $614 million in hot dog sales in July every year
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Ways To Make the Hot Dog the Star of Your Backyard Fun in Montana

Making the neighborhood jealous of your hot dog cooking prowess is actually pretty easy to do with a couple of easy tips.  Those tips come courtesy of Business Insider, to make sure you aren't making mistakes that will cost you your cooking apron.

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We've gathered those tips into one great big gallery for you to scroll through below.  But we want your tips that you think make a hot dog the best thing on your grates.  Let us know via our app chat feature or you can email me here.

Be The Neighborhood Hot Dog Connoisseur at the BBQ

Ready to elevate your cooking game when it comes to hot dogs? These Business Insider tips might just make your backyard the place to be when you announce the next get-together.

Gallery Credit: JD Knight

Hot Dogs and the Story of Burger King's Hot Dog Flop

When one is writing a story about hot dogs, it is appropriate to include many pictures from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Did you know there is a National Hot Dog and Sausage Council? I didn't...until today. You know what I said when I found them?

Hot Dog!

Gallery Credit: James Rabe

Check Out The 11 Most Popular Hot Dog Toppings

It is grilling season and here are the Top 11 things to throw on top of your hotdog. You can use these separately or together or mix and match.

Gallery Credit: Dave Fields

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