NorthWestern Energy Is Doing Meter Upgrades

The other day, I'm sifting through the flyers I was going to toss (who in the boomer thinks flyers are a good way to spend money in the digital age?) saw this, and thought I'd keep it for an article, then throw it away after I find the information on line.

Did you get this in the mail from NorthWestern Energy?

Northwestern Energy Flyer Montana
Tammie Toren//Canva
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Looks like NorthWestern Energy is installing nearly 600,000 new meters in the state of Montana at no cost to customers.

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Things To Take Note Of On The NorthWestern Energy Meter Change:

  • You don't need to be home.  The tech will knock on your door before they install the meter
  • Your electric will be off while the meter is installed, gas will not be interupted
  • You will have a door hanger to tell you your new meter was successfully installed
  • If the technician can't get to your meter, you'll be left a door hanger with instructions on making an appointment
  • You'll be mailed a post card telling you when the technicians will be installing meters where you live
  • The new meters will communicate with NorthWestern Energy three times a day
  • NorthWestern Energy will be able to perform some functions remotely that used to require a technician on site
  • Expect improved service reliability.  In most cases, the meter will notify NorthWestern Energy of a power outage before you do
  • Gathering energy information on an interval (the 3 times a day) will make it easier to answer questions on your bill or find problems with your power usage
  • NorthWestern Energy will be able to connect or disconnect service remotely
  • The old meters will be recycled

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NW Energy Technician
NorthWestern Energy//YouTube//Canva

My favorite part of the flyer is so Montana.  It says, "Montana law allows customers to decline the installation of advanced metering devices according to terms and conditions set by the Montana Public Service Commission.  No utility company can require the use of an advanced metering device.  If you have questions about your rights regarding advanced meters contact us at 1.888.467.2669 the Montana Public Service Commission at 1.800.646.6150." I love Montana so much.

NorthWestern Energy Montana New Meter Installation

NorthWestern Energy Montana New Meter Installation

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Watch this video to learn more from NorthWestern Energy about your new meter.

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