In browsing Facebook this morning, as I do daily, I came across a post from the one... the only... legendary... Mark Zuckerberg. Who is Mark Zuckerberg? Well, he is the CEO of "Meta Platforms"... but you know him better as the CEO of Facebook. Yes, THE Facebook (as it was originally called) CEO visited Montana recently. But... what did the king of Social Media do in Montana while visiting?

A Day In Montana With Zuck

We're not sure specifically WHEN Zuck visited Montana, but, based on the snow... we're guessing this was pretty recent.

Up first, Zuck shared with the world a photo in front of a Moose, mounted above a fireplace. How... majestic. Inspiring.

Credit: Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook
Credit: Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

Do you recognize the lodge in this photo? We thought it might be the Yellowstone Club.

Where To Next? A "Meta AI" Advertisement from Zuck.

Next, Zuck shared a video clip from his... glasses. Now, you know as well as I do... Zuck doesn't do ANYTHING without some form of "Meta" product placement. This time, it's their new Rayban x Meta Smart Glasses... that came out last year, and clearly haven't been as popular as he had hoped... so, insert product placements using Montana!

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First, the Roosevelt Arch in Gardiner, Montana.

Next, Mark tries to connect with us regular people, by asking Meta AI " many Oneskees are too many?" Good news! Meta AI isn't at Skynet levels yet.



Probably because, until writing, I didn't even notice he said "OneSKEEs" instead of "OneSIEs"

Here's an up-close shot of the Oneskee closet.

Credit: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
Credit: Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

Now that we're done with OneSkee show-and-tell, the Billionaire decided to talk a walk in the trees, somewhere in Montana, and asks his "Meta AI" to "Explain how snow is made... like a caveman." Yup...

Once finished with his Caveman lessons, Zuck learns that horses DO feel cold in the snow. Who knew Meta AI was just... so smart... that it could teach a Billionaire that a living animal feels cold in the snow?

After torturing the local horses with more questions to the invisible lady in the glasses, Zuck finds a mountain in Montana... and asks what is it. (Lone Mountain)

And that wraps up "The Adventures of Mark Zuckerberg" for... today. Wow, I'm... exhausted.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think Zuck will ever learn to relax without technology? What other things should the CEO of Facebook be exploring in Montana? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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