#menugate is trending on Tiktok after a content creator in Atlanta, Georgia allegedly uncovered a shocking secret about his upscale apartment complex.

The Original #menugate Video

User @atlcody posted a video on Oct. 31, 2021 after he noticed something odd about his apartment building — menus left on the doors of residents had been left untouched for days.

"They say the building's full but I never see anyone here," he states in the OG video before explaining the tea: he saw an employee from a local Chinese restaurant distribute menus at each apartment doorstep on Friday but, three days later, no one touched a single menu.

According to @atlcody, his complex management states that all units are occupied — so how could this happen?

The Follow-Up

Curious users wanted to know what was going on at @atlcody's apartment complex, asking for updates in the comments of his video.

Since that first post in 2021, @atlcody has shared a total of 26 videos showing the state of affairs in his allegedly empty apartment complex.

He claims that, although his apartment complex seems to be fully occupied, he is the only person who actually lives in the building.

The #menugate Trend

#menugate started to trend on Tiktok after another user, @chefshortydc, noticed her apartment complex seemed eerily vacant.

@atlcody stitched his response to her video in a post that's now been viewed over 5 million times since he posted it on Aug. 30, 2023.

The #menugate 'Rabbit Hole'

Not every Tiktok user wants to watch all 26 of @atlcody's videos on the #menugate drama, and now other users have started to summarize the lengthy cache of content he refers to as the "rabbit hole."

Is it a glitch in the Matrix? Or are the videos of an "empty" apartment complex being staged for internet clout?

As of Friday, Sept. 1, the 'Menugate' hashtag had racked up over 23 million views on Tiktok.

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