Don't even think you're going to get away with causing trouble at Nieka Richard's school.

The principal has started using TikTok's stitch featured to call out misbehaving students right out in the open in front of her nearly 1 million followers.

Who Is Nieka Richard?

Richard is a TikTok personality who regularly generates millions of views. Her most popular content is posts about high school students breaking the rules.

"Yes, I'm a principal," Richard shares in her profile bio.

In the post from June, Richard announced to her students she was moving out of a teaching role and into an assistant principal position at another school.

Since changing jobs, Richard has stepped her TikTok game to hilariously call out students she finds exhibiting poor behavior on the social media platform.

Students Caught In The Act on TikTok

In Richard's most viewed posts, she uses TikTok's stitch feature to share her comments on videos posted by students.

Her most popular video shows a student using a tablet to record a disagreement between two girls in the hall.

"Declan, didn't you say you didn't have a Chromebook in third period?" Richard pops into the video asking the student recording the spat. "Well, guess what showed up on my For You page? You with your Chromebook. You will be receiving a pass to my office tomorrow."

Richard's response to the video of Declan and his newfound Chromebook has been viewed more than 30 million times.

Another post has Richard calling out a student who would rather dance than listen to a frustrated teacher who is telling him to sit down.

"So this is the video you said you weren't making in the classroom with the sub," Richard comments on the stitch.


The videos are so well done, commenters are asking if Richard is actually a principal at the school.

While she is, in fact, a principal, the clips are often from different schools.

Hopefully, the students at Richard's school know better than to try something like this moving forward.

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