Count Ann Wilson among the classic rock stars who believe technology’s impact on the music industry has taken a turn for the worse.

During a conversation with Trib Live, the Heart singer declared that the industry is “unrecognizable” compared to when her band got started, noting that streaming and algorithms have shifted the power dynamic.

“It doesn’t seem like it’s in the hands of humans these days,” Wilson opined. “I feel like it’s more or less been given to the computers to compartmentalize and pick apart all the music and decide which genre they’re part of and then to stick them in that little pigeonhole.”

”And that’s a huge difference because there used to be one or two radio stations and you could turn on the radio and just wait until you heard the song you loved and turn that one up, you know?” the singer continued, noting that music consumption is “a whole lot different” now.

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Wilson went on to concede that streaming platforms allow artists an unprecedented opportunity to be heard by listeners all over the world. Still, even that comes at a cost.

“It also takes away some of the quality control,” the singer contended. “If every single person can make an album, then what’s special about that? I don’t know.”

Is Heart Touring?

Heart kicked off their Royal Flush tour in April, a trek that promises to keep the band touring for most of 2024. The trek, which also features Cheap Trick, marks Heart's first extended tour since 2019.

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Part of the long break can be attributed to a family dispute. In 2016, Ann's husband assaulted the teenage sons of her sister and bandmate, Nancy. The incident reportedly drove a wedge between the Wilsons, creating tension which lingered for several years. Heart's return to touring is a sign that the sisters have moved past their familial drama.

“Keeping a band together, you could call it like keeping a marriage together,” Ann explained elsewhere in the Trib Live interview. “If you pay attention to all the little ins and outs of it and the chemistry of it, then it could work and it could work for a long time. I think Heart is a good example of a creative idea that just goes and goes and goes because it’s a good idea.”

Heart Albums Ranked

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