Las Vegas’ music history is as colorful and bright as the city itself.

In an interview discussing U2’s groundbreaking residency at the Sphere, Bono noted that Vegas was “a little microcosm of America.” “The sins of Las Vegas are just more obvious,” the Irish rocker explained to Fair Observer. “What’s going on in Las Vegas does not stay in Las Vegas. It is going on all over the world. There’s that kind of hard commerce, but there’s a lot of people who work really hard. I always try and thank people, the taxi drivers, the servers. The people who work there, they work around the clock for people who probably don’t work as hard as them.”

Indeed, Las Vegas is a city unlike any other, and for decades now, playing there has become a rite of passage for musicians. Whether headlining at one of its famed casino venues or paying their dues at one of the town's smaller clubs, virtually every artist has a stop in Las Vegas on their resume.

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But what about acts whose connection to Sin City runs so deep, they’ve left a lasting impression on the city itself? As our list below will show, several notable artists — including Kiss, the Beatles, Prince and the Grateful Dead — have impacted Las Vegas in big ways, many of which go beyond the typical ticket sales and revenue.

Here are 10 Classic Artists That Changed Las Vegas Forever.

10 Classic Artists Who Changed Las Vegas Forever

They've all become indelible parts of the city's musical tapestry.

Gallery Credit: Corey Irwin

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