Eric Clapton has expressed support for Roger Waters' to voice his outspoken political views.

Waters has been accused multiple times over years of making alleged antisemitic remarks and actions at his concerts. In 2023, he drew criticism for wearing a Nazi-like costume during his performance in Berlin, which prompted an investigation by the German police. Additionally, his concert in Frankfurt, Germany, was nearly canceled, but he was ultimately permitted to perform. Also in 2023, Waters was condemned by the U.S. State Department, which said that the artist has "a long track record of using antisemitic tropes."

Waters has been a longtime opponent of Israel for its activity in Palestine, and has said that his grievances are with the country, not Judaism, accusing critics of "abusing the term 'anti-Semitism' to intimidate people like me into silence."

Most recently Waters became the subject of a new documentary titled The Dark Side of Roger Waters, produced by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, and earlier this year, he harshly criticized remarks made by Bono at a U2 concert where the singer paid tribute to the victims of the October 7, 2023 attack on the Supernova music festival by Hamas.

"We have to start saying to these people, your opinion is so disgusting and so degrading... sticking up for the Zionist entity," Waters said. "What he did a couple of weeks ago in the Sphere in Las Vegas, singing about the Stars of David, was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen in my life."

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Clapton, another figure who has come under fire for his public remarks of late, was recently asked about his opinion of people who urge artists to "stick to music."

“I don't respond to the word 'should' very well," he said to The Real Music Observer. "Anyone that tells me what I should be doing, I'm going to do the opposite. Not just out of spite, but because who are they to tell me how to live my life? I don't interfere with them."

He continued, bringing Waters into the fold: "I love Roger. I love him. We are brothers and he goes his way about it, and it takes a lot of guts, and he suffers from it terribly. I've seen him sit on the window ledge in tears and say 'It's morning here in Manhattan and I'm in tears again.' you know?"

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Eric Clapton's Own Criticism

Clapton also has a history of inflammatory remarks, one that dates back decades. In 1976, visibly intoxicated, he embarked on a bigoted speech on stage that ended up sparking a movement called Rock Against Racism. More recently, he has been vocal about COVID-19 vaccine "propaganda," opposing many of the decisions made by English government regarding lockdown laws prompted by pandemic.

In 2021, the guitarist stated that he would refuse to perform at any venue that required proof of vaccination, calling it a discriminating practice. In 2023, he teamed up with Stephen Stills to help raise funds for controversial candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s presidential campaign. Kennedy has made false and misleading claims about vaccines, including that they can cause autism.

"Music is a healing agent. I believe that there is a system of thinking about how you conduct yourself in that realm, and to be responsible not to offend people," Clapton continued to The Real Music Observer. "A lot of people really don't expect me or Roger to stick to what we say, but we do. And I think I have a responsibility because of what I told you earlier that I'm there carrying a message of hope, for love, peace and freedom you know that's my responsibility as a musician."

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