Ann Wilson said Heart’s first concerts in four years could lead to more, but only under certain circumstances.

The band last performed in 2019 before Ann and sister Nancy went to work on solo projects. Soon after guitarist Nancy made a surprise guest appearance at one of singer Ann’s shows, they confirmed three Heart appearances next month: Dec. 27 in Highland, California; Dec. 28 in Palm Desert, California; and Dec. 31 in their hometown of Seattle, Washington.

In a recent interview with 96.1 KLPX (video below), Ann discussed her touring schedule after she completes a road trip with her group Tripsitter. “We have one more leg to do in December before we turn things over to Heart again,” she reported.

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Asked if the three announced shows were the only ones planned, she said: “We don’t know yet. We’re going to see how it works with the Heart thing – whether it feels like a level up. If it does feel like a level up, then we’ll keep doing it. But that’s what it has to be. It can't just slide down into jukebox time.”

She continued: “It’s gotta be real. No going through the motions. No phoning it in. No just getting on some kind of circuit just to take people’s money, and play the old songs again and again and again.” But she predicted that wouldn’t happen, saying: “No, we’re gonna make it cool, really make it cool.”

Heart Working On Potential New Music

Ann previously reported that Heart had been put on hiatus because the sisters “have different ideas for what [it] should be, and we haven’t figured out a compromise yet.” Her latest comments came after Nancy revealed the siblings had been working on potential new Heart material, along with former collaborator Sue Ennis.

“I have some lyrics mainly that I worked on with Sue and took to Ann,” the guitarist told WBAB in June. “There’s a couple of things that I’m really excited about… Like stuff that you wouldn’t have heard us do in the ‘80s. Closer to what you would have heard us originally do in the ‘70s.” She described the work as “exciting and inspiring” and added: “It's been a really nice kind of rediscovery of our relationship, working on music together again… I’m really happy about that.”

Watch Ann Wilson’s Interview with KLPX

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