Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony sees the band’s 2007 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a missed opportunity.

During an appearance on The Hook Rocks podcast, Anthony lamented Van Halen’s inability to get along.

“Even when the band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,” the bassist recalled. “Sammy [Hagar] and I were the only two from the band that showed up, and we weren't even in the band at the time.”

Eddie Van Halen (understandably) missed the ceremony because he was in rehab, while David Lee Roth and Alex Van Halen chose not to attend. Anthony described it as “pretty sad” that the members of Van Halen couldn’t put aside their personal differences for the Hall of Fame induction. Ultimately, he believes it cost them the chance to do something truly historic.

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“I turned to Sammy during the [induction] show, I forget who was on stage playing, and we were sitting at our table, and I go, ‘Sammy, could you imagine if all of us, if we were all here, and everybody got along, and we got up there?’” Anthony recalled. “‘We would kick the ass out of this thing! It'd be an induction ceremony that nobody would ever forget.’ Sadly enough, it wasn’t to be.”

Michael Anthony Will Join Sammy Hagar for 'Best of All Worlds' Tour

Elsewhere in the interview, Anthony expressed his excitement for the Best of All Worlds tour, scheduled to kick off July 13 in Palm Beach, Florida. The trek will see Anthony joining forces with Hagar, Joe Satriani and Jason Bonham to deliver sets full of Van Halen classics.

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"Sammy and I said, let's just let's go out and play the music," the bassist explained. "And we'll go up there and we'll honor Eddie. And I know Joe is going to do his best. He's not trying to step into Ed's shoes or whatever. He's Joe Satriani. But he loves the music. And he wants to go out there and really do try to do it justice in his own way and to honor Eddie also."

Van Halen Lineup Changes

Three different singers and two different bassists joined the Van Halen brothers over the years.

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