MPL and Polygram Entertainment and Tremelo Productions have announced a documentary movie exploring Paul McCartney’s transition from the Beatles to Wings.

Currently titled Man on the Run, it’s to be directed by Oscar and Grammy winner Morgan Neville, and will feature unseen archive material along with new interviews. Production and release details were not announced.

A statement reported that the film will track “Paul McCartney’s extraordinary life following the breakup of the Beatles, and how the love he shared with Linda McCartney influenced a journey that would lead to the formation of Wings and more of the greatest music ever created.”

It noted: “The documentary chronicles the arc of Paul’s peerless solo career: from the one-man-band lo-fi recording prototype of his self-titled solo debut, to the pastoral bliss of Ram, to the formation of Wings and its classic albums… The result is an intimate and personal behind-the-scenes account of how Paul progressed from the Beatles’ 1966 retirement from live concerts to the Wings tours that would set the standard for 1970s arena rock shows.”

Neville commented: “As a lifelong obsessive of all things McCartney, I’ve always felt that the 1970s were the great under-examined part of his story. I’m thrilled to have the chance to explore and reappraise this crucial moment in a great artist’s life and work.”

Co-producer Michele Anthony added: “At its heart, this is a story of Linda and Paul’s enduring love and an artist finding his own voice after being in the most historic music group ever. Our film traces one of the most incredibly creative periods of Paul’s life which spawned a vital and legendary body of work that continues to impact people and culture in every corner of the globe. We are honored to present this story with unprecedented access to a treasure trove of material from Paul and Linda’s personal archive.”

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