If you live in Montana you probably have these two things located near you: a Town Pump and a Taco John's. Both companies have locations scattered everywhere across the state. One of the two has gas and perhaps the other gives you gas. Zing! Moving along...

Taco John's has introduced a taco pizza.

This caught my attention earlier this week when a Facebook friend in Kalispell shared a photo captioned "OMG!!! Taco John's has Taco Pizza!" In her post, she said it was coming soon. A phone call to Taco John's confirmed that their Taco Pizzas are available at all participating locations starting 3/28.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

An insult to tacos and pizza?

Foodie snobs may scoff at Taco Pizza. It's nothing like a legitimate taco, and other than being the same shape, it's certainly not a classic pizza. Personally, it's not my preference. When I crave Americanized Mexican fast food, it's not for a pizza-shaped entree with refried beans and lettuce. But some people LOVE taco pizza. It's one of my wife's favorites and my kids seem to enjoy it too.

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Taco John's on Grand. Billings, MT. Credit Google /inset Taco John's
Taco John's on Grand. Billings, MT. Credit Google /inset Taco John's

Here's what comes on the Taco John's Taco Pizza.

Founded in Cheyenne, WY in 1969, Taco John's is now headquartered in Minneapolis and has been rapidly adding new locations in the last couple of years. The chain has at least 370 locations in 22 states, many in the Midwest. Midwesterners are passionate about taco pizza, so perhaps Taco John's understands their demo. Here's how the company describes their limited-time-only Taco Pizza,

Our NEW Taco Pizza starts with a hearty 10-inch* corn and wheat flour crust topped with creamy refried beans, seasoned American beef, crunchy tortilla chips, our four cheese blend and savory Fiesta sauce, all baked to crispy, melty deliciousness. Then we add shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes for seven total layers of tasty taco toppings!

We're guessing some fans may order a side of Ole's and sprinkle them on top. I mean, why not? Ole's are the best.

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