With the sad news today that comedy legend Joan Rivers has died, we've decided to take a look back at the first episode of her late-night TV show, when she was visited by not one but two rock legends: David Lee Roth and Elton John.

"This is what I call my Jesus Ensemble," quipped the flamboyantly dressed Roth, as part of that Oct. 9, 1986, edition of 'The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers.' "I put it on, and everybody goes, 'Oh, Jesus.'" Rivers then asked Roth what he wears in private. "As little as possible, actually," he answered. Rivers also gave Roth a special cupcake in honor of his birthday. "You know, rock 'n' roll hasn't hurt me," Roth added. "I'm about to be 17 years old." You can watch the video above.

As for John, he admitted one regret, saying, "No one's ever had a hit with one of my songs." John's long-time co-writer Bernie Taupin had recently had chart-topping success with both 'We Built This City' for Starship and 'These Dreams' for Heart. "We've diversified, but we're closer than ever," John said of Taupin. Rivers then joined John for a raucous version of 'The Bitch Is Back.'

Rivers died after complications from minor surgery, following a throat procedure at an out-patient clinic on Aug. 28. The 81-year-old suddenly went into cardiac arrest, and had been in a medically induced coma.

Elton John on the Debut of the 'Late Show Starring Joan Rivers'

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