What is the name of your farm or ranch and where is it located?

Our farm name is KW Ag and it is located 4 miles south of Sunburst.

Who started the operation and has it been passed down through your family? Or was it purchased from another family?

Our operation was started by Joe and Mildred Fauque and then was passed down to Randy and Diane Fauque and now is being farmed by the 3rd generation Wendy and Korey Fauque.

What do you produce?

We produce Winter and Spring Wheat, Peas, Hay, and Barley. We also raise and sell grass fed beef.

Is there something unique about your farm or ranch?

We own and insurance office and also provide grass fed beef along with the grain farm. We also are experimenting with different drones for crop scouting and are currently doing 3 product variable rate application at seeding.


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