Leonardo DiCaprio -- actor, activist, archer?

Brady Ellison is an American competing in archery at the Olympics in Rio whose talent -- other than shooting an arrow at a target -- is looking like America's dreamiest Oscar winner, Leonardo DiCaprio. Ellison is part of the U.S. squad which has already won a silver medal, but, hey, more people are interested in the fact he could be a stand-in for Leo:

Ellison, 27, doesn't buy the hype. "I've had it told to me before, even when I was younger," Ellison tells the AP. "I personally don't see a huge resemblance, maybe besides the facial hair. He is a good-looking dude so I guess it's a compliment."

Ellison looking like DiCaprio may all just be a matter of perspective. Don't believe it? Look at this and realize he may be closer to any other '90s child star who grew up and appeared in a "Whatever Happened To...?" feature.

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