I've got March Madness in a BIG way, & tomorrow (Saturday) morning on Puffman Sports Trivia, I've come up with a NCAA kind of sports trivia question. I'll be giving away a book on life & death itself! The book is: "Logan: The Honorable LIFE and Scandalous Death of a Western Lawman." Acclaimed Nevada Historian Jackie Boor (who is anything BUT a bore) has authored this exciting tome. The scent of sagebrush after a spring rain, the sound of wagons rolling down dusty Nevada roads, & the lively music & rough & tumble sounds of a mining camp all come together in this action packed thriller. It's a great read published by the best danged publisher in the Midwest, Cable Publishing out in Brule, Wisconsin. I invite you to check out the book, "Logan: The Honorable Life and Scandalous Death of a Western Lawman" by Jackie Boor from Cable Publishing at: www.cablepublishing.com or call 717 372 8499. See you tomorrow morning at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia. The 1st caller in with the correct answer to my March Madness sports trivia question WINS gritty, truthful, fascinating work!