The local election campaigning is in a flurry now.   Candidate forums, door-to-door visits and Radio interviews are plentiful.   On my show tomorrow (Wed), I'll be talking to Roger Keith of the Conrad area about the Pondera rural fire District's mill levy issue on the ballot June 5th in Conrad.

Right after that we'll visit with Laurie Eisezimmer and Kara Thompson, the two Republican Candidates for Pondera County Clerk of the District Court.  Kara is the incumbent and Laurie is the challenger.    You might find out a few things you didn't know about these two and some truth as opposed to rumors you may have heard.    All of these interviews will start just after 9am.

On Thursday morning, we'll talking with all three candidates for the 9th Judicial District Judge position currently held by Laurie McKinnon who is running for the Montana Supreme court.   The three District Judge candidates are Bob Olson of Cut Bank, Mary Ann Ries of Conrad and Greg Duncan from Helena.    Those interviews also will be in the 9am hour.