New York Times Bestselling Author, Mary McNear, will be my special guest this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. Mary's the author of the beautiful "Butternut Lake" series of books. I'm in complete agreement with Susan Wiggs, another New York Times bestselling author! Wiggs warbles, "Butternut Lake is so beautifully rendered, you'll wish it was real." I've read Mary McNear's first 5 books in the series, & I'm believing it IS real! I want it to be real. In the thrilling finale to this spectacular series, "The Secrets We Carried," long-time fans will be delighted to return to Mary's beloved setting & its charming characters. McNear's trademark heart & compassion is HERE now, & I'm looking forward to talking with Mary & learning more about "The Secrets We Carried." And YES, I'm on chapter 3, & I heartily recommend this read. In fact, I recommend the entire Butternut Lake series/theme of "Butternut" characters dealing with friendship, loss, guilt, grief love, starting over, & coming to terms with the past. "The Secrets We Carried" by Mary McNear has just gone on sale nationwide. Check this one out for sure.

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