August 16, 2012 — Helena, Mont. — The Montana Department of Transportation encourages all Montanans to not only think about the safety of themselves but also about the safety of others while traveling on Montana roads.During the ming National Labor Day Campaign from August 20 – September 3, Montana law enforcement agencies will increase patrols to help keep roads, drivers, families and tourists safe by reminding motorists that driving impaired and not buckling up increases the risks of traveling.

"Alcohol-related crashes account for 44 percent of all Montana’s traffic fatalities over the last five years," said Montana Department of Transportation Director Tim Reardon. "We need to reverse this trend immediately and make sure that the Labor Day holiday does not turn disastrous for someone’s loved ones."

As Labor Day weekend approaches, preliminary reports indicate an increase in alcohol-related fatalities compared to this time in 2011. As of August 13, there have been 36 alcohol-related fatalities on Montana roads — that is 13 more fatalities than this time last year.
The Montana Department of Transportation is committed to keeping Montana roadways safe this Labor Day holiday by combining high-visibility law enforcement with increased public awareness and reminding people to PLAN for a safe ride home.
For planning tools and tips for a safe, sober ride home go to, which include:


• Designate a driver or volunteer to be the designated driver. Text or Facebook message with friends and family before the celebration about who is going to be the designated driver.

• Arrange for a pick up. Have a friend or family member who isn’t drinking lined up to pick you up at the end of the party or night.

• Call a cab or ride home service. The plan2live website lists available services throughout the state.

• Crash on the couch if no ride is available — better than crashing on the road.

• Know your limit. Before you start drinking, download a blood alcohol calculator — available for most smartphones, including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. These are not exact, but provide people an idea how few drinks it takes to be impaired.

Driving impaired and not wearing your seatbelt is not worth it — you could lose everything. Make the right choice and arrive alive.


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