Goodan here,

Is anybody else bothered by the Sears commercials that referred to Martin Luther King Day as "the long MLK holiday weekend"? Let's not make it about the weekend and remember why we honor the person in the first place.
Hope you noticed Rachel Semansky's game for Montana State Saturday night. 26 points and 13 rebounds, and the Lady Cats are unbeaten in the conference going into Ogden tonight, and they get the Lady Griz Saturday. Semansky taking over for Chelsea Banis, playing great ball before going down with the knee injury. We get one more Northern Montana athlete on that Lady Cat team and they'll be unbeatable..

Give Kathy Bates' new show "Harry's Law" a chance tonight on NBC. She's such a good actress; we can only hope the scripts and other actors match her talent. I am very interested in the "The Cape" on NBC; hope that show holds up. And, of course, Castle. Best show on television until "Leverage" comes back on.