Montana Veterans Memorial Site

In 2010 the flag committee voted to erect a Veterans Memorial site just south of the Veterans Memorial Flag at the frontage road west of Shelby.

Two monuments adorn the site. An iron eagle greets visitors from 17 feet in the air, perched on a pentagon steel stand with the emblems of the five armed services on the stand.

In the immediate background is the famous Iwo Jima image of the Marines raising our nation’s flag on Mount Suribachi. The piece is 20 feet high and 12 feet wide in three-quarter-inch steel oxidized to a ferrous-red patina.

In the far background on the hill flies the 30x 50 ft. Montana Veterans Memorial Flag on its 110-ft. pole.

The site also includes two steel display tables that hold 400 bricks. Donors purchase bricks to have them engraved to honor or memorialize veterans on one table. On the second table engraved bricks pay tribute to donors who have made significant donations of funds, equipment or labor for construction and maintenance of the site.

Bricks for the tables are sold for $400 to raise funds to establish an endowment that will generate funds to maintain the monument and buy and fly flags in perpetuity.

This Veterans Memorial site is also organized through the Toole County Community Fund, a non-profit 501 ( C ) 3 foundation with tax-exempt status. As such, your donations are deductible on state and federal tax returns.

To donate to the Veterans Memorial Flag or to the Veterans Monument, or to purchase a brick to honor or memorialize a veteran, contact the Shelby Chamber of Commerce at 100 Montana Ave. or phone (406) 434-7184