That's what Harvard PH.D and best-selling author, Richard Boyatzia says about Robert E. Hall's newest book, "This Land of Strangers: The Relationship Crisis That Imperils Home, Work, Politics and Faith". Hall says "the relationship crisis is widely felt. Families disintegrate. Friendships diminish. Communities collapse. Businesses lose trust and customers. Employees lose commitment, as they feel increasingly disposable. Stridency and hostility curdle political and religious discourse". With deep passion and insight borne from 3 decades of study, noted relationship consultant, speaker and author Robert E. Hall widens the lens to look at the breadth of our relational decline and the societal trends that got us here through his newest book, "This Land of Strangers". It's "heavy stuff" indeed but it's what going on in today's society, both at the office and at home. Hopefully Hall has some answers. "The Land of Strangers" is an imperative read for any social, business, political, and religious group interested in understanding how the broader relational demise applies to their specific organizational dynamic. Me? I'm the Puffman...I'm going back to reading "true crime" and blogging about farmers markets! "This Land of Strangers" is from, and through all major booksellers.

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