The weather may not agree yet, but with children heading back to school, summer is beginning to wind down, and many gardeners will be pulling out the Mason Jars and rings and stocking up on lids (remember, you cannot reuse lids from year to year), and preparing for canning season.

MSU Extension Glacier County Agent Lisa Perry reminded us on her Extension Minute last Wednesday on KSEN and K96 that if you use a dial-gauge pressure canner, you should have the gauge inspected every summer to be sure it's working properly. Your county extension agent can do this test for you, as a free service.

Lisa will be at the Cut Bank Farmers Market on Wednesday (August 24th), from 3pm to 6pm., and will be happy to check the gauge and seal on your pressure canners. You only need to bring the lid with you, not the whole canner.

If you can't make it to the Farmers Market, contact Lisa at the Extension Service office at 406-873-2239 or by email - - to arrange a time.

The MSU Extension Service offers several MontGuides packed with information on home canning. These are available online to download, or you can pick up a print copy at your county extension office.

Here is a list of the MontGuides available, and other useful information:

MSU Extension MontGuides: Links to Free PDF Downloads

USDA Publications:


NOTE: - The following are not MSU Extension Service recommendations -

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