As we reported in a story on Veteran's Day, the 2013 Mt. Legislature created an Award of Valorous Service with the intent of giving a medal to a surviving family member of any individual who died in defense of our country.

State Representative Rob Cook of Conrad said an estimated 1500 Montana families were eligible for this award.   While the number might seem high, it's because Montana has more members serving in the Armed Services per capita than every state in the nation except one, according to the AARP.

One drawback to the legislaton was that they took the funding out, leaving the need to raise the money privately for the medals.  The medals cost 70-dollars each for a total of $105,000.

We wanted to let you know how to donate if you choose.    Make the check payable to State of Montana (with "Award of Valorous Service" on the memo line) and mail to the following address.

Department of Military Affairs

Attn: Centralized Services Division

P.O. Box 4789

Ft. Harrison, Mt.  59636