The man is Clarence Pellett. The film is "Pellett." You're invited to the Toole County Courthouse here in Shelby this Wednesday at 12 noon, when Clem Pellett & the production team from the movie, "Pellett." will be presenting a special Shelby "sneak" preview with the trailer from the movie. Clem & these "Hollywood guys" are in the FINAL stages of casting & fundraising for "Pellett," & Wednesday afternoon's "sneak" preview will provided a sample of what they've all been working so dlligently to achieve. Take it from me, & I'm the Puffman, the "boys" are very, very close to bringing this epic "Montana Hi-Line" story to LIFE! It's like Clem told me some time back, "they have remained committed to making "Pellett" IN Montana with the highest quality in order that they make our Big Sky Country proud." Let's all give Clem Pellett & his Hollywood crew a real "Shelby, Montana welcome this Wednesday up at the courthouse.But wait, there's more...Clem & the Hollywood folks will be stopping by the Puffman Show at 2:30 to discuss the trial, the excitement around Pellett & the new Montana film tax incentive bill. You'll also hear "ME" begging for a part in the movie...I can see it now, I'm a radio news reporter donning a hat with a sign on the front that reads "PRESS" in big letters. Please note the picture of the Toole County Courthouse on my Puffman Blog...the actual trials of this terrible event actually took place up there. I'll know we'll give Clem a good turnout this Wednesday at noon at the courthouse.

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